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My all-time favourite Prague yoga studio. Really. Unsure what you guys expect from a place to practice your asanas, but to me, this place is a total Brandon Walsh, ticking all the boxes. A soothingly bright and airy space with soft industrial design that makes you feel better the second you walk in? Check. 100%…



A top-notch espresso bar with a scientifically impeccable approach to coffeemaking. Inspired by hip coffee places in Berlin or Stockholm, this sister project of the highly acclaimed Cafe Lounge is a place where the exact model of your coffee grinder is just as key as the right water filtration system (3M reverse osmosis if you’re asking…


Wine Food

Reviewing restaurants for a living has its downsides too, you know. Sometimes, while you strive to stay on top of all the exciting new openings and ephemeral pop-ups, you tend to awfully neglect places you used to love so much once. I got reminded about the wonderful spirit of Wine Food in New York while…


Na Kopci

Whenever I get homesick after a fair bit of travels or just a long phone call with my mom, I come here for a quick fix. Granted, this almost rurally set little restaurant and one of Prague’s best kept secrets does spirit lifting wonderfully. A few minutes will suffice to make you see why this…


Buddha Bar

I have been to this bar numerous times over the years, both for after-work drinks and organized parties and it never lost that sense of special to me. Its enchanting atmosphere is one of utmost suggestive ambiance, involving a view of an opulent Buddha statue, sexy low-lighted lounge and last but definitely not least, a…



After countless nights soaked in the legendary Czech beer, consider moving on – and try some local wine. Vinograf currently ranks among the hottest bars in Prague and rightly so. Its winning combination of cool design (check out the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper in the tasting room), incredibly knowledgeable and ever so helpful staff and especially…


Sweet Secret of Raw

Sinfully comforting yet superhealthy – isn’t this just eeehhvery girl’s dream? Having been briefly raw way before it became cool and sophisticated, all i can truly remember is that a diet of wheat sprouts and beetroot juice gets about as indulgent as live parliament broadcasts. Not in this lovely new patisserie serving exclusively raw desserts…



Wine definitely not as you know it in a very informal, yet highly intimate setting. This jewel of a bar is run by a poet/ winemaker Bogdan Trojak who managed to turn a few suburbian square meters into a place with a solid cult following, with their tasting events often sold out weeks in advance….


Bugsy’s Bar

I guess you know you made it when country’s no.1 bestselling author makes you a character in one of his novels, when both Newsweek and Playboy include you in their best-of lists and your coctail menu starts to get reffered to as the ‘blue bible’. Fab coctails, great atmosphere and contagiously passionate owners make this…



Best things in life might be free but for the best view of Prague, you will have to travel some. Aureole is located in Prague’s highest building and clearly knows how to make the most of it: its airy terrace offers unmatched views of the city with extremely high romantic potential. The asian fusion food…