Superb Belgian-style bar with chandeliers, decent food, cool beer selection and some smoke- and tourist-free fun? Yes please.

Noone likes silly role play like me and P. From long-time favourites like midnight starsign guessing, also known as plain bothering people (“Terribly sorry to trouble you but you look like a total capricorn to me.”) to advanced versions involving some seedy detailed stories about my fabricated hooker past or pretending I’m Canadian and sell calculators for a living, P. and his well-trained poker face never disappoint.

We chose Bruxx, the newish Vinohrady addition to the local bar scene to celebrate my recent career changes out of sheer laziness as the place is just a stonethrow away from both my and his place – and we had a blast. The interior is a stylish take on Grand Central meets a typical Belgian pub, with a big station clock, impressively high ceilings, amazing chandeliers and dark wood galore to create a completely cosy atmosphere even at its busiest. Think over 200 people, a cool DJ (that looks like a chemistry teacher who really is there only because his son suddenly fell sick) plus a relaxed Friday night vibe, all in a safe enough distance from the main tourist crowd downtown.

I was ubersurprised to find out the place is completely non-smoking which is something I still dearly miss in Prague. Another surprise came with the food that was pleasantly above-average. The place aspires to serve authentic Belgian food including fresh mussels (delivered three times a week), their proud signature fries with a homemade mayo and some verrry tasty Callebaut pralines. We managed to sample most of the menu as it was P.’s cheat day (meaning he eats like there’s no tomorrow) and managed to have caused quite a stir by posting pics of Bruxx’s waffles on FB (served with beer-flavoured ice-cream, Belgian chocolate, cream, fruits and about a thousand other things). Here they are in all their vulgar decadence:

The main attraction here is hands-down the beer: with eight Belgian and one Czech draught beers plus some yum fruity bottled ones, it comes hardly as a surprise that Bruxx became an instant favourite among the locals and a sell-out just weeks after it had opened.

Our waiter was a lovely, bubbly chap with a great taste in wines (we loved their Languedoc Cabernet Savignon!) so it was just too much temptation to include him in our little game of cousins with benefits that was later changed to a french-fry throwing competition before it became a mission to obtain the number of his handsome blue-shirted colleague who briefly served us at the beginning.

“Afraid there is no staff wearing a blue shirt in here, just the grey uniforms you can see around.” We got slightly puzzled but did not want to give up that easily so of course the uberpolite manager and another waiter had to be fetched to officially confirm no blue shirt at work on the premises…

Perhaps this is a proper Mulder-Scully case and somebody should seriously look into it or perhaps the Bruxx guys just have a very, very wicked sense of humour…

Bruxx, Náměstí Míru 9, Praha 2  (metro A: Náměstí Míru)