Café Savoy

If you only have a single morning to spend in Prague, spend it here. This beautiful Art Nouveau café with crystal chandeliers, great food and impeccable service has long been my Sunday brunch staple. Is it because of the ever so sweet dilemma in deciding between the Gruyère cheese Omelette and their fruity French toast? Or perhaps the joy of getting up way too early for a Sunday only to take a stroll through the sleepy city and steal all the killer views all for yourself? All I know is that Café Savoy is the ultimate outlet for all your brunch-sins, regardless of whether you came to ogle the local celebs, spend twenty minutes in front of their otherworldly patisserie display or just have your eggs in a martini glass. Speaking of which – Dom Perignon for breakfast, anyone?

Café SavoyVítězná 5, Praha 5 (tram: Újezd)