My Prague: Marcel

“I’m really not sure I’m the right person for this kind of thing, I mean I’m really not even a foodie,” says Marcel as he collapses into a plush chair at La Bohème (a.k.a. my extended living room at the moment), almost as if apologizing for finding the time to meet me in between his…



My first ever Michelin experience was everything but what i had pictured it to be. Sure, perhaps you bourgeois people go to your schmancy restaurants whenever you’re out of bread, but for the poor student I was in 2008, the mere whisper of a Michelin star was enough to make me breathe faster.Long story short, as…


Of Croissants and Men

It’s shortly before midnight and the scene could not be more familiar: a girl meets a boy in one of Old Town’s cosy cobblestone streets, they head to a nearby low-lit bar, have a drink and a little chitchat… Except that this encounter is far from all the simultaneous dates dotted around the city: the boy is…


TOP 5: Czech Cuisine

Well of course you need my help on this one. Asking your Czech acquaintances about their favourite local-cuisine spots might sound like the most logical thing to do only until you learn that the answer is mostly ‘wherever they have an expiring Slevomat* voucher to’ and that those of your 30-something colleagues that still don’t…


Café Savoy

If you only have a single morning to spend in Prague, spend it here. This beautiful Art Nouveau café with crystal chandeliers, great food and impeccable service has long been my Sunday brunch staple. Is it because of the ever so sweet dilemma in deciding between the Gruyère cheese Omelette and their fruity French toast? Or perhaps…


Pizza Nuova

“Take a proper Neapolitan pizza, for instance. There’s no crispiness to it at all; they’re soft and wet. If you pick it up and fold it in half, it should almost fall down, but the dough is really light. It’s funny, the only place I’ve had a pizza like that outside of Naples was, bizarrely,…