Prague Burlesque

“I find strippers to be generally very nice people,” says an ultradecent gentleman in a wiseman voice as he sits down next to me, simultaneously trying to persuade me he most definitely isn’t a stalker and pushing his chair way too close to mine. I peripherally glimpse him dipping his elbow in a little pile of white powder on…



Superb Belgian-style bar with chandeliers, decent food, cool beer selection and some smoke- and tourist-free fun? Yes please. Noone likes silly role play like me and P. From long-time favourites like midnight starsign guessing, also known as plain bothering people (“Terribly sorry to trouble you but you look like a total capricorn to me.”) to…


Hemingway Bar

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to coctail heaven. A place where Cosmopolitan might be considered a swear word and where jasmine, mustard and bacon make their way into your coctail with your full consent and blessing. I do love everything about this place: its understated charm, its award-winning geeky mixology as well as the almost childish excitement that comes…


Buddha Bar

I have been to this bar numerous times over the years, both for after-work drinks and organized parties and it never lost that sense of special to me. Its enchanting atmosphere is one of utmost suggestive ambiance, involving a view of an opulent Buddha statue, sexy low-lighted lounge and last but definitely not least, a…



After countless nights soaked in the legendary Czech beer, consider moving on – and try some local wine. Vinograf currently ranks among the hottest bars in Prague and rightly so. Its winning combination of cool design (check out the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper in the tasting room), incredibly knowledgeable and ever so helpful staff and especially…



Wine definitely not as you know it in a very informal, yet highly intimate setting. This jewel of a bar is run by a poet/ winemaker Bogdan Trojak who managed to turn a few suburbian square meters into a place with a solid cult following, with their tasting events often sold out weeks in advance….