Bugsy’s Bar

I guess you know you made it when country’s no.1 bestselling author makes you a character in one of his novels, when both Newsweek and Playboy include you in their best-of lists and your coctail menu starts to get reffered to as the ‘blue bible’. Fab coctails, great atmosphere and contagiously passionate owners make this…



Best things in life might be free but for the best view of Prague, you will have to travel some. Aureole is located in Prague’s highest building and clearly knows how to make the most of it: its airy terrace offers unmatched views of the city with extremely high romantic potential. The asian fusion food…


Cloud 9

I don’t think that it actually matters what exactly is getting into your head when you’re co-lounging on the sofas of this classy rooftop bar, enjoying its great view and forgetting all about your troubles, but since you asked, the coctails are fantastic, with many unique twists and always extremely well balanced (coctail tasting events…

bokovka wine


So cosy it feels like a friend’s living room, this gem of a place owned by two film directors is my absolute favourite among Prague’s wine bars. Every visit is a bit of a wine tasting here as the knowledgeable staff guides you through their wines, serving them just in the right order to maximize your…


U Prince

It is precisely the completely killer view from Prince‘s cosy rooftop terrace that makes this my go-to place everytime I have some Prague-virgins over. Come roughly at sunset‘o’clock and chances are the atmospheric mix of the gentle tourist buzz, sizzling open grill, romantic little lamps and the postcard-ready rooftops galore will actually blow your mind. So…


Bar and Books Mánesova

Arguably Prague’s sexiest bar with fantastic playlists, excellent signature coctails and even occassional burlesque. Must be the sophisticated candlelit ambience, the uberelegant waitresses with pearl necklaces and the thoughtfully induced intimate atmosphere that make this bar the ultimate date-friendly destination. I imagine this is where Sinatra‘s ‘Strangers in the Night‘ would have met – a place of seamless perfection that…