A top-notch espresso bar with a scientifically impeccable approach to coffeemaking. Inspired by hip coffee places in Berlin or Stockholm, this sister project of the highly acclaimed Cafe Lounge is a place where the exact model of your coffee grinder is just as key as the right water filtration system (3M reverse osmosis if you’re asking and no, i have no idea what I’m talking about). It doesn’t take a coffee snob though to understand why the huge cult following behind this tiny place – the coffee is hands down best in the city and ever since they started making sandwiches (lovely) and selling 2AD ice cream (my favourite), I’m a total convert.

EMA espresso bar, Na Florenci 3, Praha 1 (metro B: Náměstí republiky)
foto: earch.cz


  1. Katka says:

    I love this place! Always grab my morning Americano with soya milk every time I walk to work around – and it definitely helps me a lot start up my day with a smile and early birdie energy :) Inside tip: don’t forget to grab your EMA card – and get your 7th coffee for free.