Foodparade (6-7/9 2014)

If you are anything at all of a foodie, do yourself a favour and cancel your weekend plans, will you. A two-day Disneyland for all gourmands opens up in Troja this weekend and should absolutely not be missed. First of all, just the beauty of the location itself! Troja’s uberpretty little baroque chateau has long been an extremely popular wedding venue and its heavenly neat gardens are any al fresco eater’s dream.

The annual event presents a lovely, hand-picked selection of restaurants, farmers as well as interesting local manufacturers and culinary geniuses. I really love this little festival for its informal, almost family-like vibe and the very evident effort to unite all passionate good food advocates. You will most probably discover a couple of exciting new restaurants, find your new favourite pate producer and perhaps even get to sample a wider selection of pretty much anything from Czech cider to Prosecco than you could hope for during a typical restaurant/ shop visit.
Every year, I tend to get excited about some and less about others  while browsing the leaflets, only to re-shuffle my favourites list during the very event due to the amount of all the cool surprises: remember last year’s sous-vide frog legs hilariously served in an envelope with scissors or the massively popular military kitchen that managed to sell out in just 40 minutes?
Having said that, I can’t wait to meet the Konopka  family with their pop-up restaurant serving some of their family favourites or see what the guys at Molecular Base will come up with this year, especially since the leaks revealed their menu should include a lavender honey duck and a crocodile green curry. And the coconut panna cotta of course, just because I would kill a man for a coconut panna cotta, especially when teamed up with a zingy fruit sauces of sorts.
A very perfect day right there should the weather allow, especially if you remember to invite your favourite people to share all the pleasures with, too.
Book tickets here or take a sneak peak of what you can expect this year in the latest issue of ChefMag.
Foodparade, Chateau Troja, 6-7/9 2014


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