La Bohème Café

You can travel the world and go crazy exploring the quirkiest café concepts, from (trying to) have a brunch while having somebody fix you a haircut to enjoying a medicinal tea to cure your cold with cheeky Korean birds casually flying about the room or even sampling breastmilk ice-cream while discussing Simone de Beauvoir… But at the end of the day, aren’t we all just hoping for a nice, cosy place where you can sink into a cuddly chair and dip your lips in a soft capuccino foam in peace?

La Bohème Café, without an overstatement currently Prague’s most beautiful café, has managed to make the most of its inherited potential of a former designer furniture store by employing an ubertalented florist/ designer Mario Wild to turn the generous space into an eclectic, cosy and yet ever so elegant sanctuary. More really is more in this opulent Vinohrady gem: dramatic skies in a Fornasetti wallpaper meet a tranquil backyard view, gorgeous oversized plants face a statement cherry tree branch in full bloom (all complete with butterflies and birds!); posh vitra furniture sits humbly next to random vintage pieces from flea markets… And then there’s the huge wall with cute Harney and Sons tea tins galore (including the sacred Soho blend that the NYC staff swore I won’t be able to find elsewhere but their Soho showroom. I dragged 4 tins across the ocean you shameless lowlives!) as well as random travel souvenirs from all the coffee expeditions undertaken by the owner… An absolute feast for the eyes.

And it does not stop there. Being a flagship store of a popular roastery [of the same name], La Bohème Café is all about making your coffee just right, whether you’re a hip vacuum potter or an orthodox latté lover. The menu is as pleasantly imaginative as the design, with seasonal treats including Midnight Martini (my favourite!), Cherry Shakerato with cool hints of rosemary or a refreshing Lemon Espresso Bubbly.

Further risking that this will either be frowned upon as paid advertising or that I will never again be able to find a spot there, let me just add that their hot chocolate happens to rank among the best in the city, that their croissants are by the fab patissiere Iveta Fabešová, that the music is extremely listenable and the staff oh so sweet (like that time I pointed out my special-request sugarfree lemonade was not included in the bill and the waitress just smiled and informed me that of course she wouldn’t charge me for tap water and a bit of lemon!). Actually, if there is one thing in this life I know for sure, it is that if you fail to release a blissful little sigh upon visiting this sense-pampering oasis, you are officially a lost case.

La Bohème Café, Sázavská 32, Prague 2 (metro A: Náměstí Míru)