Letní Letná 2014

One of Prague’s most heartwartmingly mindblownig festivals of cirque nouveau is now on and you have the very last chance to get your hands on the remaining handful of tickets! I have been secretly hoping for my beloved Cirkus Cirkor to bless the festival with one of their fab performances again this year but since they apparently had better plans (what could have been so important, really), I at least got to enjoy the absolutely adorable ‘Matamore’ show, paying hommage to the very traditional circus arts while topping them with bits of naive comedy and the ever-amazing French charm.

Plus – there is so much more to Letní Letná than just the circus shows! For one there is Galetka, a fantastic mobile creperie whose chestnut pancakes are way too dee-lish to be wolfed down while queueing up to your show so make sure you come plenty in advance to enjoy it the way, you know, the French intended it and all. Prayers for sunshine never go amiss, too, due to the amount of free all-day open-air happenings – there’s music and workshops and theatre and a reading room and beer and even evening chapiteau parties with a lovely holiday vibe.

Perfect for this frivolously indecisive weather! Ends Tuesday.
Book on letniletna.cz or check their FB page for any last-minute ticket offers.



  1. […] Letni Letna, the annual cirque nouveau summer festival (and an absolute must if you haven’t been already) has come up with a special winter edition of performances in a cosy heated chapiteau, mulled wine, winter smells as well as a neighbouring ice rink. The shows are still being added so make sure to check their website for updates. […]