My all-time favourite Prague yoga studio.
Unsure what you guys expect from a place to practice your asanas, but to me, this place is a total Brandon Walsh, ticking all the boxes. A soothingly bright and airy space with soft industrial design that makes you feel better the second you walk in? Check. 100% English friendly? Check. A supercentral, easy-accessible location? Check. Excellent fresh and healthy snacks at a very fair price? Unpretentious, kind stuff that apparently spends most of their time trying to implement as many wow-moments into your visits as possible? Check. Teachers so inspiring they’ll make you excited about your practice? You’ve come to the right place.

First of all, I suggest you get your yoga outfit ready and clear your schedule right now as you might seriously feel the urge to set off for some MOMA downward dogs upon finishing reading this. I remember falling in love the very moment I entered the place for the first time, exiting a small elevator of a dull business building just off Wenceslas square.
It was a rather rainy Friday night not long after the studio opened and despite the place being mostly deserted, I immediately felt cosy and welcome. 
“Why don’t all yoga places feel this beautiful?” was my first thought closely followed by a firm decision to sign up despite having a membership elsewhere. 
“Wouldn’t you like me to give you a tour first?”
“Would it change my mind?”
And so I waited until the giggling receptionist prepared a membership card for me while encouraging me to leave my coat, umbrella and shopping bags at the generous open coat room just opposite the reception desk. (Finally a place where you don’t need to squeeze everything in a tiny locker!) 
To be fair, the space can afford this: everything is generous in this 400m2 space that houses a veggie bistro, multiple rooms for massages, private as well as group classes, separate men/women changing rooms and even gets to squeeze in art exhibitions.
I loved the idea of leaving my coat at the reception and how it changes the vibe of the visit into something much less business-like, as does the free welcome Harney & Sons tea (with some sea buckthorn just to make it that little bit better for you) and the friendly suggestion that I am welcome to take the whole caraffe with me to the yoga room if I like. Or the unbeatable collection of all toiletries you might possibly find yourself in urgent need of. (Trust me, they have it all.)
I still feel like I’m dreaming when the girl explains that I can leave my yoga mat at the studio as they are happy to store it for me. They are amazingly also happy to wash and iron my yoga clothes for a symbolic price of 50 Kc.
MOMA’s owners found their inspiration in various yoga studios in NYC, bringing to Prague a total breath of fresh air of a one-stop oasis where you can literally spend hours after your yoga class, having a healthy lunch (their signature MOMA bistro offers homemade soups, sandwiches, salads, fresh juices and some excellent guilt-free sweets), checking out the current exhibition, even catch up on your e-mails or work some in case you’re one of those hopeless types.
My first MOMA class remains one of my fondest yoga memories ever – with raindrops restlessly drumming on the round ceiling windows, my favourite Moby album playing in the background and most of all Simona, a teacher so charismatic and kind I ended up staying long after the lesson was over. Only later did I find out MOMA’s team also includes one of my favourite yoga teachers, Vladimir (whose classes are always completely full so make sure you book in advance!) and especially one of the bestests masseurs I have ever met, Patrik.
Classes start at 110 Kč which no, isn’t a typo… and if you have any further wishes, the answer will most probably be yes, they can. 
MOMA Yoga, Nekázanka 11 (metro A,B: Můstek)