My Prague Ivon

My Prague: Ivon

She thinks restaurants are boring. She’ll go as far as make you write a motivation letter to get invited to one of her secret fine-dining pop-up dinners. Dinners where having your dessert tattooed on your hand or scooping it from an epic baroque mirror mixes with the randomness of a girl with a fire extinguisher walking you to a deserted power station, skate-parks with live cello music and toothpaste panna cotta: dinners that you’ll frankly never forget. Meet Ivon.

Where do you live in Prague? 

We used to rent a flat near Vltava river, literally steps away from Náplavka. Now we live a little further away from the centre, still in a nice location though – in Kobylisy, all with a great view over Troja as well as a big terrace to enjoy summer barbecues.


What are you up to at the moment? 

Recently, we have been busy busy busy organizing Forbidden Taste First Class events for companies and corporate clients. These include pop-up dinners and creative catering, all tailor-made for the client. We are also planning a public pop-up event in Slovakia before summer. And then there are the events at our Forbidden Spot – a truly unique fusion space with the most colourful gallery in the world,  a hub for creative and open-minded people and home of the streetwear brand Life is Porno. You should pop by for a drink sometime!


Favourite pub or bar?

L’Fleur for great cocktails and atmosphere, Bokovka for wines, cheese and sardines and recently also Cobra in Letná.


I always absolutely dread that someone orders the sardines at Bokovka. I mean, the tins are oh-so-pretty but the smell ain’t really subtle, is it… Earliest Prague memory? 

Porno Tattoo Fest at former Porno villa in Holešovičky. It used to house the artists which later evolved into the Life is Porno label. They had their studios there and there was quite a lot happening at the time.


Definitely sounds like it, judging by the name… Wait, is this the infamous villa where everyone goes before payday to shoot some porn for 15k a pop? 

Haha unfortunately not! Otherwise all the artists would be much richer:) It used to be home to several Life is Porno artists, a place where they both lived and created. Quite often there were great BBQs with friends in the backyard. But it was also the venue for Porno Tattoo Fest. Famous tattoo artists would be tattooing nonstop for 2 days, plus there were concerts and parties in the basement. All studios were open to public so there was a constant interaction.


About that. Are you saying there’s not, like, 73 misunderstandings a day, related to the fact that people confuse you with an actual porn hub?

Guys did have a brief exchange with the authorities when registering the brand, including a proper tell-off letter of four pages, explaining that life is most definitely not a “porno”, but rather a period of time between conception and death. In fact, that’s how the name “Forbidden” was born. In general, though, most people who know about Forbidden Spot are usually aware that Life is Porno is a brand and has nothing to do with pornography.


If you could buy any Prague building, which would it be?

Probably the Castle. Can you imagine how many events could the whole building complex host!


The Riding School terrace at sunset, please! I never grow tired of its understated majesty! Who’s your hero?

Spiderman. And my husband.


Most romantic thing someone’s done for you?

Write, sing and record a personal track for me. And of course – my proposal in South Africa.


Where do you go to let your hair down? 

Forbidden Spot


Wow! That’s so royal family, keeping both work and chillax under the same roof! Doesn’t the fact you work there make you want to change venues after a long day?

Actually, Forbidden Spot isn’t even really a club. It’s not an event venue, either… It’s a hub, open every workday until 18:18 and you can use it as an external home-office (working from a hammock or from a water bed!). Occassionally though, we do organize events and exhibitions. We just don’t do parties per se here – we like it to keep its “living room” vibe.


Hammock! Me! Love! Best place for a first date?

Na Břehu Rhôny – I love their wine self-service.


Best thing a taxi driver has said to you?

Cabs make me fall asleep. The one always communicating with the drivers is my husband Tino. Whenever we travel, they are usually the best source for all local information – if they speak any English, that is.


What would you do as mayor for the day? 

Organize a Food Revolution Day.


What’s the best meal you’ve had in Prague? 

Dinner at Entrée a few days ago was an amazing experience. Overall, it would most probably be something from our Forbidden Taste dinners.


Entrée? That’s in Olomouc! You really aren’t impressed by Prague’s restaurants, are you! Favourite shops?

Any shop filled with ingredients, spices, cookbooks, wine.. Chefshop in Holesovice is absolutely amazing, as is Wine Food Market or Sapa, Prague’s little take on Chinatown. Online, Kitchenette is my staple.


Favourite springtime activity?

Preparing our terrace for summer.


What is your happy place?

Southeast Asia.


Dream dinner party guests?

My favourite pastry chef Linda Lomelino. I would make her bake though:)


Favourite weekend getaway? 

Dobčické rybníčky. You have your own small cottage on the lake, with a boat, fishing equipment, there is no electricity, only wooden toilet outside the cottage. And a breakfast basket awaits you outside your door every morning. Another option would be our favourite apartment in Slovakia directly in the Bešeňová Thermal Park. Forbidden Taste


Ivon Hrnčiarová is a co-founder of Forbidden Taste, a pop-up dining concept. Forbidden Spot in Holešovice is her latest project. This is by far her best interview.

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Photo credit: Petr Hricko