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TOP 5: Czech Cuisine

Well of course you need my help on this one. Asking your Czech acquaintances about their favourite local-cuisine spots might sound like the most logical thing to do only until you learn that the answer is mostly ‘wherever they have an expiring Slevomat* voucher to’ and that those of your 30-something colleagues that still don’t…


Lokál Dlouhá

Czech food has managed to alienate more people in the last few decades than Lindsay Lohan has in her whole career, all due to most local restaurants simply retiring to bland ready-made cheats full of cheapo ingredients and cholesterol. Lokal was a pioneer on the Prague culinary scene with a clear goal to turn the…


Bistro Krystal

I have been to this restaurant more times than perhaps any other in Prague and it’s always been a 10 out of 10 for me. Expect no-nonsense seasonal ingredients mostly from local produce, beautifully prepared traditional meals and very friendly price tags. If you want to explore Czech cuisine, this is definitely a great place to…