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Wine definitely not as you know it in a very informal, yet highly intimate setting. This jewel of a bar is run by a poet/ winemaker Bogdan Trojak who managed to turn a few suburbian square meters into a place with a solid cult following, with their tasting events often sold out weeks in advance….


Můj šálek kávy

My all-time favourite café and a staple breakfast spot. Prepare to travel some to discover this hidden gem of Prague’s East London, Karlin, with its killer open-air cinema, artsy crowd and some amazing restaurants well worth the extra commute. MSK has been repeatedly voted best café in Prague and it totally ticks all the boxes…


Bistro Krystal

I have been to this restaurant more times than perhaps any other in Prague and it’s always been a 10 out of 10 for me. Expect no-nonsense seasonal ingredients mostly from local produce, beautifully prepared traditional meals and very friendly price tags. If you want to explore Czech cuisine, this is definitely a great place to…