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TOP 5: Czech Cuisine

Well of course you need my help on this one. Asking your Czech acquaintances about their favourite local-cuisine spots might sound like the most logical thing to do only until you learn that the answer is mostly ‘wherever they have an expiring Slevomat* voucher to’ and that those of your 30-something colleagues that still don’t…


Sweet Secret of Raw

Sinfully comforting yet superhealthy – isn’t this just eeehhvery girl’s dream? Having been briefly raw way before it became cool and sophisticated, all i can truly remember is that a diet of wheat sprouts and beetroot juice gets about as indulgent as live parliament broadcasts. Not in this lovely new patisserie serving exclusively raw desserts…


Saint Tropez

Take-away is a must in this well-hidden gem of a French patisserie that lacks both in service and atmosphere but produces absolutely unmatched desserts. Try their divine Chocolate Royale with crispy nougat for a proper sugar fix or sample some of the best-sellers in their cute mini versions, all neatly packed in a colourful paper…