Prague’s best kept autumn secrets revealed! All verrry limited capacity events so linger no more and get booking!


If you, like me, moved to Prague after having lived in cities like London and Stockholm, you’ve probably come to discover that Prague’s art scene is rarely something to write home about. Which explains why Czech men seem to feel perfectly fine spending all their lives in hiking outfits and why country’s biggest inspiration remains the beer foam. Yeah.
Luckily, with all the hi-tech and whatnot penetrating our lives lately, we get an ocassional taste of even such crème-de-la-crème culture as London’s National Theatre plays, all streamed live and in excellent sound quality, even including an insightful little intro and various interviews/ documentary bits during the breaks.

I’m so, so thrilled to see DV8 Physical Theatre’s ambitious piece John being included in the programme. Initially, DV8′s Artistic Director Lloyd Newson interviewed more than 50 men asking them frank questions about love and sex. One of those men was John. What emerged was a story that is both extraordinary and touching. Years of crime, drug use and struggling to survive lead John on a search in which his life converges with others, in an unexpected place, unknown by most. Or as Guardian put it: “There’s a sadistic beating, rape, incest and death from a drug overdose, all within the first four minutes.” Now that’s something to get you into the Christmas spirit!

WHEN: Tuesday 9/12    Read more rave reviews here or trust me and book tickets here

2. CIRCUS IN MITTENS (2/12-12/1)

I could write 7 books (all hardbacks) and make 42 movies (mostly indie and in some hip foreign language) rambling about how much I adore contemporary circus and how many truly significant moments of my life it framed. Like that night P. decided to dump me because… let me find the exact quote for you… ‘a long-distance relationship would only be fun and passionate for 1-2months and then likely sizzle out, leaving us both sour and changing our views about life in general’  or that time I saw a woman peeing on a metro train in Stockholm and all the lovely Swedes just subtly lifted their feet and looked out of the window with zero change in their expressions.

Letni Letna, the annual cirque nouveau summer festival (and an absolute must if you haven’t been yet) has come up with a special winter edition this year. Think cosy heated chapiteaux, mulled wine, incense and even an attached ice rink. The shows are still being added so make sure to regularly check their website for updates.

WHEN: 2/12/2014 – 12/1/2015          Book at


3. YOGA BLISS (22/11)

I first met Katka during Reebok’s LiveWithFire, a wonderful annual summer event full of open-air yoga serenity at the river. Despite the overall atmosphere bordering on the edge of paradisiacal and a really exquisite selection of teachers, it was Katka’s class that really stood out for me; even so much that I approached her after the event to find out where she teaches. I learned that Katka is a private teacher with just one exception – monthly yoga Saturdays at Sasazu.The moment I flipped through the leaflet, I was hooked: picture Sasazu’s modern oriental ambiance, their famous papaya salad, even fresh juices and thai massages to go with your yoga, all that in a truly cosy, intimate setting of their small lounge.

WHEN: Saturday 22/11, 10am-1pm. Includes a welcome drink, fresh juices, water, basil coffee, a lunch, thai massage and a 90min yoga class.

For more info, check out and make sure to book your spot via phone on 284 097 455 or e-mail at

4. TIPSY TRAIN (29/11)

When did you last take a train just for the sake of it? And shall we all agree that trains are fun, full of views, possibilities and bacteria and that all the uberemotional train-made poems and songs like Arctic Monkeys’ 505 (famously penned on one between Philly and NYC) could never contain so much oomph without the tantalizing mix of sentimental and adventurous that only train rides possess? I also dread to imagine what  Some Like It Hot or Mission Impossible would be like if made with a cruise ship instead.

Train-hungry yet? You’re in luck: my beloved wine bar Veltlin has decided to make your last November Saturday that extra bit more beautiful by renting out a small train with a dining car that will take you to a wine cellar in Velke Zernoseky. On the way, authentic wines will be served and romantic winter country views enjoyed. 

WHEN: Saturday 29/11     The capacity is limited to 50 so make sure to book ASAP at (putting ‘VELTLIN na kolejích’ into subject line).

5. HAUTE CINEMA (18/11)

I am just so excited about this I can’t even tell you. The already so flawless 1920s Royal cinema, recently re-opened all beautified with delicious artdeco details and red velvet chairs seems to fully get that good looks might get you a one night stand but that you need to possess so much more to establish a solid relationship (genuine respect and true grasp of what ‘a couple of minutes in the bathroom’ really stands for, just from the top of my head). With its anything-but-dull programme including weekly burlesque nights, intriguing themed parties and some very fine movies, I’d say Royal could well be on the right track.

Now I have been aching to see Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America ever since it very closely didn’t make it into my legendary NYC themed movie marathon a couple years ago (I blame our frequent hot-dog-and-cheesecake breaks and the president of course) so was smitten to see it on the list. And so should you, frankly: it’s got Robert De Niro, Ennio Morricone and…  yeah, have I mentioned it’s tonight?
Book here and book fast!

P.S. I know it’s Tuesday night and you have a superimportant meeting first thing in the morning tomorrow, but one of my favourite bars happens to reside just across the street. Just sayin’

WHEN: Tuesday 18/11, 8.30pm