Wine definitely not as you know it in a very informal, yet highly intimate setting. This jewel of a bar is run by a poet/ winemaker Bogdan Trojak who managed to turn a few suburbian square meters into a place with a solid cult following, with their tasting events often sold out weeks in advance. Staff is somewhere between utterly geeky and soothingly friendly and their enthusiasm is just unheard of. Give them a few hints on what you like and they will guide you through a rather exciting world of authentic winemaking, with homemade, no-nonsense central-European wines free of preservatives or sulphur. Even if it at times involves having to smell the actual soil of the winery your wine comes from (to get the real feel, as you do), you can be sure this place is about as honest as wine gets.

Veltlin, Křižíkova 115, Karlín (metro B: Křižíkova) 


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